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About Phoenix Trailers

Phoenix Trailers are an established  family company based conveniently at Bridgnorth, on the edge of the West Midlands, who specialize in all kinds of quality trailers including Motorcycle Trailers, General Trailers, Box Trailers & Towing Dollies.

All Trailers are European Type Approved

Over the last 3 years all at Phoenix Trailers Ltd  have been working very hard to supply the very best quality to our customers by having all our trailers conform and be  European Type Approved. We are extremely pleased to be able to inform you that ALL our  trailers  have now been granted ECWVTA (European Community Whole Vehicle Type  Approval) status.

So what does this actually mean you may be wondering? Let us answer this as best we can;

ECWTVA,  European Community Whole Type Approval  directive is the most expensive, time consuming and complex as far as trailer manufactor is concerned. We have completed this as its by far the best end result for customers and indeed end users. When a trailer reaches this standard all that is needed is each trailer has a single piece of paper given to the customer at the point of sale, this is called a EC COC (European Community Certificate of Conformatity).

A condition of acheiveing this level of Approval status (ECWTVA) means that all our trailer design have to conform to each and every aspect of the indivuals directives (of which there are many!) also a government body comes in and scrutinizes in great detail our production systems to ensure our production conforms to what the design requirements specifies. As a result of this external detailed assessment we have been accredited with a 'Conformance of Production'  Certification known as a Cop.

Now, even though we have this standard we still wanted to go the extra mile for our customers, so alongside  doing this directive we also achieved ISO9002 status!

So buy with confidence from us!

We can supply you with a complete range of motorbike trailers, and more, including :

  • Single Big Bike Trailers
  • 2 Bike Motorcycle Trailers
  • 3 Bike Motorcycle Trailers
  • Multi-Purpose Trailers
  • General Purpose / Box Trailers
  • Twin Axle Trailers
  • Heavy Duty large Twin Axle Trailer
  • Towing Dollies
  • Car Trailer/Transporter

 Phoenix Trailers are extremely tough and robust and should last many years as it almost maintenance free. They are all compliant with all U.K. and E.U. legislation and are ready to drive away. For transporting your motorbike, trike ATV smart car (to mention but a few) we have the perfect solution.

Most trailers are supplied with a European Certificate of Conformity, please ring for details.

Delivery may be possible but Bridgnorth is conveniently located on the edge of the West Midlands and you are more than welcome to pick up the trailer yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever about details, price or delivery.

Customer Feedback

A Phoenix Trailers we believe that every customer should be a satisfied one.

Read what our customers have to say about Phoenix Trailers

Motorcycle Trailers

Phoenix Trailers have a range of HOT DIPPED GALVANISED Motorbike Trailers suitable for Single Large, 2 or 3 bikes.

They are among some of the largest and strongest on the U.K. market and are all made from 70mm x 50mm box steel, 2mm thick and fully welded. The fully galvanised frame provides high anti-corrosion protection and there are sturdy strapping points for secure fastening.

Phoenix Motorcycle Trailer

2 Bike Trailers
ONLY £845

3 Bike Trailers ONLY £895

Big Bike Trailer
ONLY £875.00

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Multipurpose Trailers

Phoenix Trailers have a range of unique high quality multi purpose trailers which are designed to take either 1,2,3 bikes or a smart car or ATV or trike.

Made from 70mm x 50mm Box Steel 3mm thick our trailers are fully welded  and Hot Dipped Galvanised. The fully galvanised frame provides high anti-corrosion protection and there are sturdy strapping points for secure fastening.

Phoenix Multipurpose Trailer

Multi- Purpose Trailers
ONLY £1445.00

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Phoenix Car Transporter / Car Trailer

This twin axle car transporter / car trailer has been designed with quality, strength, affordability and safety firmly in mind.

It will take most mirco cars (eg smart car) weighing up to 1100kgs and max length of approx 3500mm. The car trailer has a bed size length of 3200mm approx and its bed width is 1900mm, giving an overall width of 2280mm approx and an overall length of 4000mm approx. The weight of this car trailer unladen is approx 400kgs.

Phoenix Car Transporter

The Phoenix Car Transporter

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General / Box Trailers

Phoenix General Purpose Trailers are a heavy duty high quality general purpose trailer built to a very high specification and come fully welded and Hot Dip Galvanised.

The chassis is built of box steel and the floor also has box steel braces for extra strength and rigidity. The draw bar is "A" frame design for extra strength and is again Hot Dip Galvanised. The front and rear tail gate open  for extra length to make loading easy. The floor is made from Hot Dip Galvanised steel as are the sides. The sides are fitted with easily removable mesh sides. Easily coverts to a box trailer when waterproof cover is used, making it a very affordable box trailer.

All trailers have full tipping facilities and can be supplied with a soft cover (free for short period) We offer optional folding gate 1.7m long for the 6x4 and 8x4 (£120 extra)  A set of ramps is available for all 3 sizes (£60 extra)



Phoenix General Purpose Trailer
8 x 4
ONLY £945.00
7 x 4
ONLY £895.00
6 x 4
ONLY £845.00

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Twin Axle Trailers

Phoenix Trailers have a range of unique high quality twin axle trailers. The twin axle trailer  is made from from Box Steel 3mm thick. After this our trailers are fully welded and Hot Dipped Galvanised.

The fully galvanised frame provides high anti-corrosion protection and there are sturdy strapping points for secure fastening.

Phoenix Twin Axle Trailer

Twin Axle Trailers

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Towing Dollies



High quality, heavy duty Towing Dolly that is very tough and robust.

vailable in one size; 96" for up to 74" vehicles. The dolly comes with 165/13c 8 ply tyres. This dolly can carry up to 1300kgs on its axle for very long distance.

Phoenix Towing Dolly

96"  - ONLY
£1350 Inc vat

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Phoenix Trailer Promise

We guarantee that the quality and description are exactly as described on this web site. However we are so sure of our product that if you buy and then view but are not 100% satisfied you are not under any obligation to buy.

Bike trailer
This is your Phoenix Trailer Promise

Nick Sanders write's about Phoenix Trailers........

"Before I left for Timbuktu, I looked around for a trailer that could carry up to three bikes along what I knew has one of the worst roads in the world on it's route. If we hadn't got the right support there, we'd be 8000 miles away from home and in a right mess. John at Phoenix asked me to road test one of his trailers and it was great. It passed the test. For ordinary roadwork I wouldn't hesitate to use a Phoenix trailer. After taking it to Timbuktu, it's got to be pretty good. Thanks John."

Nick Sander uses Phoenix Trailers
Nick Sanders , Around The World 7 Times

Please visit our Nick Sanders Page to see more photos of Nick Sanders in action with one of our trailers.